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eXChange - Comparing co-occurrences of Latin terms

The digital humanities project eXChange aims to explore the meaning and usage of specific terms in Latin and ancient Green texts. The involved humanities scholars compare the co-occurrences of multiple keywords in order to be able to discover similarities and differences of contexts in which related terms were used. TagPies turned out to be a beneficial visualization for the humanities scholars' workflows. When clicking a co-occurring term, corresponding text passages containing both the search term and the co-occurrence are shown. The TagPies for three selected examples are provided below (a connection to text passages is not possible due to copyright issues).

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IMDb Genre Tags

From all movie titles in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), we extracted the most important tags in dependency on the most frequent movie genres: action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, thriller and western. With TagPies, the resultant tag sets can be compared to each other...

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